Learn How To Search Twitter With Phil Bradley

Everywhere you go on the Internet these days, someone is posting about Twitter, statistics how popular it us, or highlighting alternative Twitter services.

I dont have much time for Twitter, but Phil Bradley has a wonderful guide on " Searching Twitter – the options", which you might want to examine.

For advanced users take a look at some of the Twitter search operators below: The rest are available here.

Search Operators

"happy hour" for the exact phrase "happy hour"

love OR hate for either "love" or "hate" (or both)

beer -root for "beer" but not "root"

#haiku for hashtag "haiku"

from:alexiskold for sent from person "alexiskold"

to:techcrunch for sent to person "techcrunch"

@mashable for referencing person "mashable"

"happy hour" near:"san francisco" for phrase "happy hour" and sent near "san francisco"

near:NYC within:15m for sent within 15 miles of "NYC"

superhero since:2009-03-18 for "superhero" and sent since date "2009-03-18" (year-month-day)…

If you didn’t have enough of Twitter already, you can also take a look at another post of Phil Bradley, which highlights 20 alternative search engines for Twitter.

Happy twitting!

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