Microsoft Works on Kumo, Wants Retail Stores, Launches New Internet Explorer 8 And Adds Chat to Websites

The name of Microsoft these days is showing up on the tech headlines more often
than Google, so we need to closely look at what is happening at the famous company of Bill Gates.

At first some bloggers like Michael Arrington speculated that Microsoft is going to rebrand their Life Search product under a new name called Kumo, but so far nothing official is coming out.

Then Microsoft decided to open their own retail stores ( I guess after they saw how successful Apple is with theirs)

In mid March Microsoft released a new version of their browser Internet Explorer 8, with new interesting features like :

* Accelerators (think addons that make things like mapping addresses or initiating a blog post easier)

* Web Slices (make information from sites available directly in your bookmarks)

* In Private browsing (similar to the 'incognito' mode in Chrome or the 'private browsing' feature in Safari 4)

* Built-in clickjacking prevention

* Built-in phishing prevention

* Crash recovery (similar to Chrome; when a tab crashes, it won't take down the whole browser and the content is automatically restored and reloaded)

ReadWriteWeb blog has more details on IE8 and if you want to know more about the new accelerators go to the Live Search blog.

About at the same time Microsoft announced improvements in Silverlight and Azure and allowed users to add chat rooms from Windows Live Messenger to their websites. TechCrunch blog can show you how to attach a chat to your site.

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