Yahoo Closes FareChase And Tests A Note Taking Application Called Search Pad

Yahoo is having problems lately, but it seems to me that it is not fair for Google and Microsoft to steel all the attention, so here is briefly what occurrs with the second most popular search engine.

Bloggers today are posting about Yahoo's decision to close one of its travel websites FareChase( seen here from Internet Archive) and redirect the site users to Yahoo Travel. TechCrunch has more info.

The service let customers perform comparative searches for pricing on flights, hotels, cruises and cars, but it was apparently not enough of a strategic product enhancement for Yahoo Travel, hence the company discontinuing it altogether to tighten its focus and cut costs in these difficult times.

A month ago Pandia Search Engine news blog discovered that Yahoo is testing a new feature called Search Pad, which allows users logged into Yahoo account to take notes.

Our user studies show that people often use word-processing documents, sticky notes, emails, bookmarks (or a combination of the above) to record what they find on the Web. These methods can be quite cumbersome and require extra steps which are time-consuming and distracting.”

Search Pad is currently in testing, but you can take a look at this video to figure out how it works.

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