Three-Quarters Of Parents Of Homeschool Students Use Public Libraries To Support Their Children’s Educations

"More than three-quarters of parents of homeschool students use the public
library to support their children’s educations", that is what the latest "Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study" revealed. The study funded by the American Library Association and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation examines is the "longest-running and largest study of Internet connectivity in public libraries" started in 1994 by John Carlo Bertot and Charles R. Here is a link to the whole study.

Another interesting finding this year is that American adults report that "the most common purpose for using public library computers is to meet educational needs" At the same time " 83% of public libraries offer online homework resources and 73% of libraries report they are the only source of free Internet access in their community.

And if you wonder if visits to public libraries are decreasing or increasing, listen to the facts:
" Visits to public libraries grow every year and now top 1.3 billion". To read more info from the brief of the study, click here.

The study is central for IT managers and anyone who wants to study the relationship between public libraries and technology .

Via: Resourceshelf

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