Movers & Shakers & Shovers and Makers in Library Land

Every organization has its own innovators and trendsetters and so do public libraries. Library Journal announces every year its movers & shakers around March. Here is a link to this year's edition of Movers & Shakers.
It is always interesting to see what other colleagues are doing and how far they have pushed the bar.

What is also intriguing in 2009 is the fact that there is an alternative blog, called Shovers and Makers, that allows librarians to self promote their work.

It's a beautiful thing, but at the Library Society of the World, we can't help but wonder about everyone else in libraryland. So we have come up with our own award that we see as a complement to M&S. Introducing Library Society of the World's Shovers and Makers. And there is only one way to become a Shover and Maker: declare yourself one.

At first, I was a little skeptical, but the more I read from the Shovers and Makers blog, the more interested I became. I bet, you will be too. It didn’t take long for Library Journal to find out about the alternate shovers and makers: here is the reaction.

Via: Librarian in Black

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