Open Source Zimplit Generates Websites For The Masses

What if non techie users want to create a new website? They will simply go to the "open source web creation tool for dummies", called Zimplit.

Here's how Zimplit works: The user picks a name and password, a template, and is redirected to a page with text, links, images, and the Zimplit toolbar, a tiny, 12-button wonder with options to redo/undo, modify text settings, add or change links, insert images or other objects, and dive into the source code itself. The page is immediately editable in the browser using the toolbar, no software install required.

Yes. You heard how simple it is. Sign up for Zimplit, load the toolbar, pick a template with CSS file, images and text and you are all set. If you need help, watch the introductory video, or visit Zimplit's simplified help menu.

Zimplit is free, already utilized by 87 000 users and promises to set up your page in 10 seconds. What's not to like here. I am sure your library customers will fall in love with Zimplit in no time.

Via: ReadWriteStart

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