Google Supports Word And Excel Files, Chrome Is 30% Faster, Translates Messages In Gmail, Creates Wave And Improves Google Maps

If we don’t start writing about the latest changes that Google implemented, I will have a hard time getting all of them in paper, next time I try out. There is no time to arrange the innovations chronologically, so lets start.

Did you here? Google Docs is now supporting Microsoft Word and Excel 2007 files.

Google Docs has started supporting Word and Excel 97 files with file extensions .docx and .xlsx. These two files add to the long list of documents currently supported by Google Docs including .odt, .xls, .ods, .ppt, csv, and more. The process is pretty simple and all you have to do is to upload the file from your computer and Google Docs will automatically convert them into the file formats used by Google Docs

Daily Bits blog has the details.

Google Chrome is now 30% faster with its latest version, says a post from the Official Google Blog. The editors of Daily Bits have more for you.

Google is now translating messages in Gmail. Take a look at the picture below and read the post from Google Blogoscoped.

Google also redesigned its Webmaster Tools( take a glimpse at another Google Blogoscoped post)

… Features are now grouped together in three categories: Site configuration (where you provide Google with information about your site), Your site on the web (where you can view Google data about your site), and Diagnostics (where you can get reports on any problems we encountered crawling your site.)

Another useful home tool that Google created is the Google Power Meter, which shows "consumers their electricity consumption in a secure Google gadget." Google is currrently testing the gadget with
utility partners in the US, India and Canada and plan to expand the product later. Read Write Web has more.

If you want to integrated Google Docs into your Microsoft Office account at work, go to the new plug-in from OffiSync. Read Write Web has a detailed post on how to work with the plug-in.

The most important product announced in the past few weeks is Google Wave a new total communication and collaboration tool that combines IM, email and online forums. TechCrunch attended a presentation of the new product and wrote a lengthy description.

If you want to find an alternate route in Google Maps, all you need to do now is go to “Suggested Routes”. TechCrunch blog has the rest.

And if you think that search engine N1 is not going to come up with algorithm to find potential defectors from Google, think again. Search Engine Land came up with the details.

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