Microsoft’s New Search Engine Bing Tries To Be Simple And Appealing To The User

After so much buzz on the Internet about Microsoft's new search engine Bing, lets look at what this new product is about.

Bing was labeled by Microsoft as a "decision engine" rather than a "search engine" with the obvious intent to offer users an easy way to plan trips, shop online and find news.

According to a Microsoft-commissioned survey by Harris Interactive Inc., half of attempted search queries fail to meet consumer needs, and nearly three-quarters of people consider search results too disorganized. Armed with this knowledge, we set out to create a new type of search experience with improvements in three key areas:

Delivering great search results and one-click access to relevant information
Creating a more organized search experience
Simplifying tasks and providing tools that enable insight about key decisions

Here is briefly what Bing offers:

*History search
*Auto suggest
*Deep links ( add multiple links for a particular site)
*Additional information ( by hovering over a search result)
*Categorized search ( change the way the search engine selects results)
* Quick tabs( search results are given in logical tabs: biography, lyrics…)

Microsoft's new strategy about Bing is simple and focuses on the most popular needs customers have when they use a search engine: shop, find tourist info, look up news and videos.

How successful this is going to be only time could tell. What I can predict safely is that Bing will be more successful than Microsoft's previous search engine Live Search.

Via: Pandia Search Engine News

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