Will Find Your Dream Date, If You Are Ready To Pay $480 A Month

Don’t you get bored to always read about libraries and technology on our blog? I think it is time for our "out of main subject" post, not so closely related to librarians.

TechCrunch found about a new service from specialized in " comprehensive Online Dating Management for busy male professionals"

We charge $480.00 per month for Online Dating Management, which is essentially the comprehensive management of multiple online dating accounts. This means we take care of everything from the creation of your profile to the arrangement of dates with qualified candidates.

Your Virtual Dating Assistant will dedicate approximately 40 hours per month to your account. They have the skills and put in the man hours. You reap the results!

The price is a little hefty, but don’t forget that is designed to save time for reach clients who can afford a few hundreds to improve their social life.

I guess this service is far from librarianship, but it is an interesting idea and a good example of innovative thinking on the part of one of the co-creators of, Mark Anderson.

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2 Responses to Will Find Your Dream Date, If You Are Ready To Pay $480 A Month

  1. anonymous says:

    Joe writes:Brilliant!!!!

  2. LibraryImportant says:

    Simple ideas are usually quite effective. Thanks Stan

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