Library Journal Names Queens Library To Be Library of The Year

Today I would not write about anything else but Queens Library. Why do you ask? Not because I work there, but because Library Journal named Queens Library to be Library of the Year.

According to John N. Berry, editor at Library Journal the award recognizes the " ability of the managers and staff to provide an incredibly diverse set of services and continue the constant modernization of the 62 libraries." As an insider I can confirm that this evaluation is not only short and concise but also very accurate.

Queens Library is the most diverse library and circulated more books (21 031 816 to be precise) in 2007 / 2008 than any other library in the Unuted States. If you add to the mix that more than half ( 55%) of our customers ( 2.27 million) speak a language at home other than English, it is obvious that only a library truly dedicated to customer service to everyone who walks in through the doors will be able to achieve these staggering circulation numbers.

Let there be no mistake. Public library service is a critical service that must be preserved. People need us, and we must continue to be there for them. We will fight every day to save the Queens Library this year, so that when this economy turns around we will be well positioned to expand library service to where it truly needs to be—open seven days a week,” CEO Thomas W. Galante said at a recent New York City Council budget hearing. For its daily delivery on that commitment, in both good and bad times, the Queens Library is the 2009 Gale/LJ Library of the Year.

Take the time to read the article from Library Journal and find out about some of our most popular program like Teen Empowerment Initiative, BOOST (Best Out of School Time) and StartUp Business Plan Competition.

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