ALA TechSource Builds New Website With Drupal

In the past two and a half years I was able to tweak the incoming and outgoing email server settings for my RSS reader ( Newsgator) so I can get all my feeds pushed for free through my email account on my wireless phone but for some reason they are not coming anymore.

With so many scheduled things to do, I don’t know how soon I will be able to spend a few hours to figure what is wrong but before that happens lets look at the ALA TechSource's new website build with Drupal.

The new site is an electronic archive for Library Technology Reports (LTR) and Smart Libraries Newsletter (SLN).

Benefits of the new delivery platform include: more than 8 years’ worth of LTR and SLN issues in a fully-searchable archive; HTML (for LTR) and PDF versions; a wider variety of purchasing options including electronic-only journal and article-level delivery; unlimited simultaneous access for subscribing institutions; plus new RSS alerts, saved items, and other personalization tools.

I tried the search and was able quickly to find information on Drupal, including blog posts and Drupal LTR report. LTRs are wonderful source of info on advancement in technology, unfortunately they are not free.

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