71.4 % Of Public Libraries Are The Only Provider Of Free Internet In Their Communities

A recent study " “U.S. Public Libraries and E-Government Services” ( part of the Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study) revealed that public libraries are the only organizations in the community that can help citizens to access e-government services.

In addition the e-government study found out that

* Public libraries offer an average of 11 public access computers per building

* Nearly all public libraries (98.7 percent) off er public access to the Internet

* Many public libraries (76.4 percent) off er wireless (Wi-fi ) access

* Public libraries off er a number of training classes and/or as-needed assistance on a range of topics, particularly Internet use (92.8 percent), general computer skills (91.3 percent), online Web searching (76.9 percent), and software use (70.5 percent)

If you read the survey further down, your will find out that 60 % of public libraries have inadequate Internet connection, 81% don’t have enough computers and 94 % impose time limits on the use of public PCs.

It looks like computers are on high demand at public libraries and investment in technology for public use always pays off.

Via: Resourceshelf:

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