Yahoo Is Planning Total Brand Revamp To Offset Microsoft’s Bing Success

Chief Marketing Officers are probably quite happy these days because they don’t have to justify the benefits of having a Marketing & Communication Department considering the success of the new marketing campaign around Bing, Microsoft’s new search engine.

As we all know Bing doesn’t offer anything new in the search engine arena but due to successful brand and marketing campaign ( $100 million dollars will be invested to persuade users to use Bing) it is gaining market share.

In order to offset Bing's success, Yahoo is planning its own major brand makeover discovered WebProNews blog

"Yahoo is working on a massive plan to overhaul its brand in order to repair a damaged public image and focus consumers on what defines Yahoo." To this end, Yahoo's chief marketing officer, Elisa Steele, has apparently hired Landor Associates. Landor is a brand consulting firm that's worked with impressive entities like Alfa Romeo, De Beers, Research in Motion, and even the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, so it should have a lot to offer.

So far, nobody is able to find more details about the new revamp but Yahoo's new CEO Carol Bartz told users on Yahoo's insider blog Yodel Anecdotalthat "relevance" is the best word she could provide.

Knowledge about major search engines can only empower librarians, so we will keep an eye on this interesting story. To see past our past coverage about Bing, please click here.

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