Gale Starts PowerSearch 2.0, EBSCO Improves Search And Display For Scientific Formulas and Develops EBSCOhost Integrated Search

A lot has changed with research databases from the time I studied them in library school, so it is always helpful to be informed of the latest undertakings.

Last month Gale officially launched their Power Search 2.0, a new platform that allows searching of content in multiple databases. In addition users will be able to use Web 2.0 tools ( MySpace, Reddit, Digg, Facebook ) to share the info, "have articles available from within the platform read aloud to them", download articles in MP3 for iPods and translate materials into 11 languages. News Breaks from Information Today has more.

EBSCO made new enhancements to their search and retrieval systems too by supporting natural language searching for scientific formulas and permit users to store and show HTML markup, allowing the display of scientific formulas. Inspec is the first database to use the new database architecture. News Breaks can give you a few more details.

EBSCO also announced the development of EBSCOhost Integrated Search (EHIS) using federated search technology.

Like traditional federated search tools, EHIS is able to simultaneously search EBSCOhost databases along with all other electronic resources, including OPACs, publisher packages as well as resources from other database aggregators. However, EBSCOhost is one of the most used research platforms and offers users a well-know search experience. The easy-to-use features and functionality within EBSCOhost provide users with one simple and intuitive starting place for integrated searching.

Get the facts from Library Technology Guides.

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