Top Tech Trends in Libraries Debated At The Latest ALA Conference In Chicago

Last night I had a few hours on my hand and read online most of the posts in Library Journal from the recent ALA Annual 2009 Conference in Chicago ( July 9-15).

For me two posts were quite interesting: "ALA Conference 2009: Top Provocative Tech Trends" organized by LITA ( Library & Information Technology Association) and "Ubiquity of Mobiles Greatly To Affect Libraries.

Here is my take on these issues:

Mobile phones are not going to outstrip desktop computers any time soon but with the development of a new faster wireless connection ( LTE) libraries will have to prepare for the challenges of providing services trough mobile devices.

How soon IT Departments in libraries will start storing data in the cloud is hard to predict but this is a trend that will definitely develop over time.

Open source software is not absolutely free and it is not going to displace software vendors from libraries although many librarians will discover the advantages of using it.

To see the videos from LITA's 2009 Top Technology Trends via Ustream click here. More information about other presentations at ALA 2009 is available at Library Journal News blog and on the ALA Conference Materials Archive wiki page.

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