Predictions For The Universities And Libraries of The Future

With a slight delay I am resuming posting today.

Stephen Abram at Stephen's LightHouse found a very interesting post from Emily Thomas about " 25 Predictions for the University of the Future".

Libraries will continue to become more tech-focused: Many college libraries and research libraries have set forth innovative technology systems, digital collections and pledges to modernize the way students and faculty receive information. New web-based tools, open source technology and data systems will continue to take over.

Learning resources will shift online: In the future, students may not have to pay hundreds of dollars per text book. There are already open source texts, and faculty members may be able to create their own online learning resources and collections to which they can direct students.

There will be an increase in the variety of educational resources and materials: Open courseware and private learning resources are already available through iTunes and school websites, and as technology continues to advance, so will the media used to stream education.

I cannot agree more with Emily Thomas statement in the post that "technology will be one of the main driving forces behind the universities of the future".

Libraries also need to start working on implementing various technologies like video conferencing to allow customers to attend online computer classes, or buy more electronic books and electronic readers like Kindle to facilitate the increased demand for digital materials.

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