New Resources: IMF Launches Financial Soundness Database, Louvre Starts An English Version Its Online Collections Database

In the past two weeks two weeks Resourceshelf found two new databases that we need to mention.

The first one is the new Financial Soundness Database launched by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which allows you to look at expanding database of indicators of financial sector soundness for member countries.

The disseminated financial soundness indicators (FSIs), ranging from regulatory capital adequacy ratios to real estate prices, can assist in analyzing the soundness of financial institutions as a sector as well as in assessing the conditions of the counterpart corporate and household sectors of relevant markets.

Customers can make a Country, Cross-Country or Build Your Own Query in the new database with the understanding that some results may take some time to load.

The worldwide famous museum Louvre announced that there is an English version of its online collections database, Atlas.

This interactive research tool will allow visitors to access information on 22,000 artworks from the Louvre, view high-resolution images of masterpieces, and locate exhibited works and galleries throughout the Museum. Currently available only in French, Atlas is accessible free-of-charge via the Louvre’s website,, which receives more than 10 millions visitors a year.

Librarians, students and professors at art and architectural schools can now log on to the new English database from the Louvre and use the high quality pictures of world masterpieces in their classes and papers.

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