Department of Defense Launches A New Main Portal And Invites Users To Participate is the new URL for a brand new portal from the Department of Defense ( DOD) . The site is intended to invoke participation from the public and make military news more accessible and understandable.

Prominent on the new home page is a new “We Want to Hear From You” feature that will give users the opportunity to ask questions of Defense Department leaders, vote on policy issues they want explained, and explore frequently asked questions and answers.

The first things you notice when you log on to the new page are the links to army
Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and UStream pages under the category " Connect With Us" and the various RSS feeds, podcasts and news widgets available for the public.

The old is no longer the main page for the DOD but will remain a site for military news, accessible from the portal.

If the federal government is going Web 2.0, are public libraries going to follow? Click on the link below to read our past coverage about federal government and new Web 2.0 technologies.

Via: Resourceshelf

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