The Awful Library Books Blog Lists Library Books Nobody Wants to Borrow

Gary Price from Resourceshelf found an interesting article from the Guardian, which talks about
"The Library Books Nobody Wants to Borrow". The article documents the efforts of two librarians running a blog called Awful Library Books to expose "the dark underbelly of library collections, as well as a host of (anonymous) suggestions from fellow librarians"

Your “awful” librarians for this site are Mary and Holly. We are public librarians in a medium sized public library in Michigan and the opinions expressed are totally our own. We do tend to articulate our particular library’s collection objectives when making comments. Our criteria for inclusion of titles are simply anything that amuses us. None of the books presented are particularly awful (okay, maybe some are). These books are just odd, outdated or maybe should be reconsidered under a current interpretation of collection policies. In no way should the opinions of Mary and Holly be interpreted as a standard for every library.

By looking at the number of hits ( 30 000) that the blog gets per day and the fact that it is running only since February of this year, I can assume that many collection development librarians are interested in reference tool that will highlight low circulating and unpopular books. Will database vendors look into something like that?

Knowing what books not to buy is a way for many libraries to save money, spend resources on much needed repairs or more usefil programs and materials.

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