Best Sites To Get Free Images On The Web

We have always look for guides to free images on the Web. This time Stephen Abram found a list of " 12 best places to get free images for your site".

Take a look at Tiltomo and Flickr CompFigh And FlickrStorm to see our previous posts on this subject.

Stock.XCHNG.. has a library of almost 400,000 images.., Openphoto has now built up a solid collection.. neatly arranged into well-chosen categories, …Stockvault has a small but very high quality collection of stock photos,…Morguefile has excellent search tool.

Read the whole article to find out the rest.

Most of the search engines today offer more sophisticated search: Google allows now image search for by color and image type and a search for licensed images using the Creative Commons database.

If you are interested in Google, you can get more news about the search engine from the Official Google blog.

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  1. anonymous says:

    Peter writes:Great work, keep it up.

  2. LibraryImportant says:

    Thanks. I hope to see you more on Library Blog Buzz.

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