Why Blogging From Canada Hotels Is Close to Impossible

If you haven’t seen a post from me last week and you wondered why, let me explain.

Last week I traveled to Canada with the expectations that I will be able to blog from the two hotels that I booked in Quebec and Montreal.

What was my surprise to discover that Internet connections barely run in Canadian hotels. At the first hotel the Internet was impossibly slow at the second one it was somewhat possible only after 12:30 am at night and I didn’t have enough time to do it, considering the fact that I had to be up early for breakfast.

Anyway, don’t plan to do any computer work in Canada, or at least check with the hotel first before you book.

I can speculate a lot why Internet is the way it is in Canada but let’s first hear the facts from an online article at Canada.com

According to a new OECD (Organization For economic Co-operation and Development”) report, Canada has one of the slowest and most expensive consumer broadband networks in the developed world…

Canada is relatively expensive by OECD standards, ranking 14th for monthly subscription costs at $45.65 U.S. per month…

Not only is the Canadian Internet relatively expensive, it is also comparatively slow, ranking 24th out of the 30 OECD countries

After you read the article, you can make your own conclusions.

Posting will resume as normal on our blog on a daily basis starting today and I apologize again to all my readers who were expecting posts last week.

See you tomorrow.

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