Going Crazy On Twitter? No Thanks

Going Crazy On Twitter? No Thanks

I don’t have time for Twitter but I am sure many of our readers do, so I am forwarding to you an interesting post from Daily Bits blog about" 20 Crazy Things We Have Seen on Twitter".

From marriage proposals ( see below), suicide notes, saving life tweets, job offers, to a picture of the U.S. Airways plane in the Hudson river, you shouldn’t be surprised at anything you read on Twitter today.

Picture taken from Daily Bits blog

For something that started out as a microblogging service, Twitter has certainly gone a long way. We could say that it is changing many socio-economic aspects on our society. Do you think I am exaggerating? Then check out the 20 crazy things that already happened on Twitter below.

Do you have to share everything on Twitter? Certainly not. After all Twitter is an official form of communication between you and the rest of the world ( twitter users).

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