Librarian In Black With New Site, Finds Out How to Use Twitter In Libraries And Explains The Controversial Google Book Deal

Librarian In Black is back with a newly redesigned page. If you haven’t visited the blog, don’t hesitate it is definitely worth the trip.

Sarah also highlights a post from the Mobile Libraries Blog on the " 100 Ways to Use Twitter In Your Library".

Here are briefly some of the suggestions:

*Try having a question and answer session
*Get feedback on potential policy changes
*Update patrons on new materials
*Link to interesting news stories

For more take look at our old posts on the subject.

And if you want to get clarification on the controversial Google digital book settlement read Sara's brief and informative analysis.

It is clear that at some point Google will be forced to revise the settlement. The position of the American Library Association is clear:

In the absence of competition for the services it will enable, the settlement could compromise fundamental library values such as equity of access to information, patron privacy, intellectual freedom and fair use. Specifically, the libraries are concerned about equal access for all users to the service, monopoly pricing and reader privacy.


Find the rest at ALA's page about "Google Book Settlement".

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