New Food Safety Website And Database Of Broadband Stimulus Bids Introduced

If you read us a lot you already know that we love new websites and databases. Resourceshelf draws attention to two new resources: Food Safety website and NTIA database Of Broadband Stimulus Funding Bids.

The new site ( ) features information from all the agencies across the federal government that deal with critical food and food safety information, including preventive tips about how to handle food safely, alerts on life-saving food recalls, and the latest news from the key agencies.

Customers going to Food Safety website could also receive email and RSS notifications on recalled and unsafe food and find information from government experts on food safety.

The National Telecommunications & Information Administration received approximately 2,200 bids for the first of the $7.2 million broadband stimulus money.

The cable bids ranged from an operator seeking a combination grant and loan to an upgrade to all-fiber for a system serving an Indian reservation in North Carolina ($2,685,600 grant/$75,000 loan), to a last-mile project to expand service to over 8,000 homes in Pahrump, NV ($5,642,974).

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