SirsiDynix Builds Enterprise 3.0 A Single Search Product For Libraries

SirsiDynix Enterprise 3.0. is the name of the new single search product available from SirsiDynix, which will allow customers to search all the resources at the library:
electronic catalog, digital collections, web sites and federated search resources. ( click here to see
our coverage on federated search)

* Search Scope: Users searching through a locally defined profile may search everything the library offers or a subset of particular interest

* Look and feel: Libraries can upload their own headers, footers, and navigation panels. They can also upload their own cascading style sheets to control fonts, colors, backgrounds, and layout

* Authentication: Libraries can decide whether or not authentication is required for a given profile and whether to use LDAP or the ILS user repository

* Available content: In consortia, not all members have the same content subscriptions. Profiles allow configuration for individual members.

SirsiDynix Enterprise 3.0 is similar to other multi search products offer by ILS vendors like
Ex Libris Primo, Innovative Interfaces Encore and Summon ( offered by electronic-resource management company Serials Solution, owned by Proquest).

Get more information from SirsiDynix press release.

To me the trend towards which everyone is moving is more than obvious: single search for all the resources in the library: databases, Internet, electronic articles and e-books.

By now most of our customers are very comfortable searching the vast world of Internet from a small Google box, so why not have a single search place for everything the library offers so they can easily find it and bring it home.

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