Nine eReaders Promise To Entertain The Reader of eBooks

Besides Kindle and Sony eReader ( see our past coverage ) there are new eBook readers on the market now who try to gain popularity among users and promise to entertain the reader of eBooks.

Some of the eBook readers are domestic ( Nook & QUE), others like (Elonex eBook & Fujitsu FLEPia) are foreign born – UK and Japan respectfully.

Nook (released by Barnes & Noble) looks a lot like Amazon’s white plastic e-book reader, only instead of the chiclet-keyboard there is a color multitouch screen, to be used as a keyboard or to browse books, cover-flow style … The $260 Nook … is expected to be on sale at the end of November.”

For more details go to Google Blogoscoped.

Another popular reader is the QUE from Plastic Logic, designed for business people. According to the plans QUE will have 8.5×11-inch touchscreen display, 3G connectivity (AT&T) and Wi-Fi. The main feature for QUE wil be the ability for users to edit Microsoft Office documents on the device. The QUE premiere is scheduled for January next year.

If you want to read a brief description of the upcoming eReaders and see how they look like click here.

learn more about book eReaders

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