Google Launches: Similar Images, Safe Search, DNS, Near Instant Voice Translation, Google Goggles and Chrome for Mac and Linux

We didn’t cover Google lately and the search engine announced a lot of changes in the past few weeks so prepare for a long post.

At first Google launched “Similar Images” search, (go to Daily Bits for more)and lockable SafeSearch, which according to Daily Bits is still " has suffered from being easy to unlock — even without a child actively trying to circumvent it."

In response to complains from publishers that Google " steals" from publishers

Google decided to allow publishers to limit the number of accesses under the First Click Free policy to [our emphasis] five free accesses per user each day. This change applies to both Google News publishers as well as websites indexed in Google’s Web Search. We hope that this encourages even more publishers to open up more content to users around the world!

Check Google News blog for details.

In December Search Engine Land reported that Google is starting Page Speed report in Webmaster Tools, allowing customers to see how fast their page is loading.

Surprisingly for many, Google decided to start their own DNS project. DNS converts names (Google) into IP addresses (99.999.99.999). Get on Search Engine Land to read more.

As people begin to use Google Public DNS, we plan to share what we learn with the broader web community and other DNS providers, to improve the browsing experience for Internet users globally. The goal of Google Public DNS is to benefit users worldwide while also helping the tens of thousands of DNS resolvers improve their services, ultimately making the web faster for everyone.

Google didn’t stop there and on December 7th, released 5 other interesting features: Near Instant Voice Translation ( search by voice and instant translation between English and Spanish); Near Me Now (suggestions based on location for mobile phones); Google Product Search ( get real-time product info from local retailers and stock availability); Local Info ( like restaurants) enabled on Android phones and Google Goggles – "visual search. Take a photo, click a button and Google will analyze imagery and text in the photo for your search query”. Take a look at Read/Write/Web blog for more.

And finally, Google announced availability of Chrome for Mac and Linux platforms and extensions ( add –ons) in Google Chrome for Windows and Linux (Beta). The Official Google Blog will shed a lot of light with this development.

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One Response to Google Launches: Similar Images, Safe Search, DNS, Near Instant Voice Translation, Google Goggles and Chrome for Mac and Linux

  1. parmindermangat says:

    Chrome for linux (ubuntu) is great but firefox is too good.

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