Which Search Engine Google, Bing Or Yahoo Offers Better Real-Time Search?

We all know that if something big happens on the news mostly everyone wants to know about it. The problem with real time web is that more and more customers are looking into Twitter and Facebook pages for news and don’t necessarily open Yahoo or any other one of the biggest search engines to get real-time news.

And if you are still not convinced, try to remember what happened in Iran and how Twitter grabbed the spotlight and became the primary news outlet in June.

Lets take a look how Google, Bing and Yahoo integrate real-time search

* Google "The new Google real-time search functionality will appear on selected search results pages, below News results, above or below top ranking natural search results – sometimes just above the fold of the page."

* Bing – "Bing's "real-time search" comes in the form of a special page for Twitter results. On that page you see a tag cloud of popular terms on Twitter, links shared regarding those terms and a few recent tweets in which each link appeared."

* Yahoo – "Yahoo! on the other hand, displays Twitter as a tab in a select few news search results pages. That tab offers links being shared on Twitter, not tweets themselves."

I personally like the real-time scrolling Google approach and the clean link to Twitter on Yahoo's page. Go to ReadWriteWeb blog for more details.

Engineers and management at Google, Bing and Yahoo are aware how critical the implementation of real-time web is in order to continue being the favorite search engine of choice for their customers. Who will be the top real-time search engine remains to be seen.

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