How to discover new ideas for library innovation

Last night I read an interesting article from Steven Bell, the author of The Kept-Up Academic Librarian blog called "New Ideas for the New Year". In the article Steven shares his thoughts on how to come up with new ideas to innovate libraries.

It’s one thing to talk about finding new ideas and quite another to actually discover them. Even when individuals or organizations have great ideas and can implement them, sustaining even one over time is incredibly difficult.

Like the explorers of old we must be adventurous in seeking out new territory to find new ideas to better serve our user community.

From hiring non-professionals into library related positions and listening to their ideas on how to do better, copying ideas from non-traditional sources (say animals) to creating “customer innovation centers”( like 3M), where every suggestion by the customer for improvement is recorded and later carefully evaluated, Steven is proposing quite radical ideas that sometimes have unpredictable but practical results.

Via: Library Journal

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  1. anonymous says:

    atlas writes:i want to explore new thing. let me konw about it

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