Encore Now Has Statistical Reporter And Encore Discovery, EBSCO Starts EBSCO Discovery Service And Ebrary With Data Sharing Tool

Encore, the discovery search product by Innovative Interfaces now has its own statistical reporting tool called Encore Reporter.

For example, Encore Reporter can now tell staff circulation statistics for each hour, even at self-check stations, within a single branch. Plus, our rapid-iteration with development-partner libraries provides a steady stream of enhancements to the product. Our academic and public library customers tell us that they need to make smart decisions about staffing and collections and Encore Reporter gives them the sophisticated information they need, simply.

Library Technology Guides has more. In addition the engineers at Innovative Interfaces announced that Encore is equipped with Encore Discovery, platform that allows deep article integration "to promote the most relevant article content alongside catalog results, making articles more findable through facets and other discovery tools." For more read the post at Library Technology Guides .

e-Content reminded library staff that eBook vendor ebrary developed a new data sharing tool called DASH,which will permit subscribers to upload and share an unlimited number of their own PDF documents.

In the beginning of the year the database aggregator EBSCO started the new "one box" search service for all the library’s full-text coming from the various ILS, magazines, books and special collections. Read the press release for more.

Everyone these days wants to have the "one box" magic search solution for all the digital content in the library but only users can decide which product is truly doing it.. Take a look at other single search library tools.

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