TigerText Deletes Private Text Messages, Naked Apartments Matches Tenants With Landlords And New York Times Moves on LED Screens

Have you ever wanted to send a text message but being able to delete it after a while from your and your friend's inbox because of privacy issues? TigerText does exactly that and Daily Bits explains how.

TigerText lets you send text messages that delete off on your phone and the receiver of your text messages after a set period of time. The text messages that you sent disappears from the phones and are not stored on any server. That means that you can’t retrieve the text messages anymore after it’s lifespan expires.

Looking for apartment ( at one point everyone had searched for one), Naked Apartments has a new interesting concept giving its customers ( tenants) access to free credit report and than trying to match them with apartments offers from landlords and brokers. Get the details from TechCrunch.

And when you thought that newspapers are something in the past, New York Times announced that together with RMG networks will display their content on 850 LED screens in coffee shops, restaurants and airport newsstands in five major cities.( including New York City)

RMG will take some 850 screens it operates in the main business districts of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Boston and rebrand them as the NYTimes.com Today network, displaying only material taken from The Times’s Web site, interspersed with ads.

Newspapers should look into new digital territories, start charging for online contents after certain number of free articles if they want to servive.

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