Augmented Reality, Digital Secretary Service YouMail, TextPlus, And Launched

In March I didn’t have time to post everything that I found interesting, so take a look at what I discovered.

Augmented Reality [/URL]( Stephen's Lighthouse blog)
If you can spare 2 minutes, you will learn the concept of Augmented Reality, explained by the masters at CommonCraft

Three Library Programs for Best Use of Cutting-Edge Technologies (Resourceshelf)
Interested in innovative use of technology at libraries, take a look at The Library-a-Go-Go ( automated touchscreen materials-lending machines), The Course Views system ( at North Carolina State University) and Digital Amherst ( providing digital materials and photographs) at Jones Library of Amherst, Massachusetts.

Digital Secretary Service YouMail Hits 1 Million Users, 300 Million Handled Calls (TechCrunch)
Not that too many libraries will sign for YouMail, a "digital secretary" type service that offers visual voice mail, smart filtering, voice-to-text transcriptions and custom greetings.", but I couldn’t resist.

HTML5 ( Stephen's Lighthouse)
Informative interview from Eric A. Meyer on HTML5'.

Free texting service + group texting from TextPlus (Librarian In Black)
Sarah highlights, TextPlus a newcomer in the field of text messaging. See our past coverages of text messaging here.
Librarian in Black blog also urges librarians to sign for the new database, listing "thousands of used book sales, book stores, and other book events in the U.S. ( Phil Bradley's weblog )
Some of our customers are song writers and artists who would love to use, an online rhyming dictionary that suggests rhyming words for any word you enter.

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