Google Adds Public Data Search Tool, Skipfish, Google Places, And Google Cloud Print, Backs Up Flash, Opens Gmail for Apps

We havent talked about Google for a long time, so I am sure that this post will be interesting for you.

Google Adds Public Data Search Tool To Labs ( Search Engine Land blog)
Google started Public Data Search Tool to integrate charts for public statistics into Google search. Select the data, the type of chart and what to compare and off you go. Take a look at the slideshow here, to get an idea of how it works.

Meet skipfish, our automated web security scanner( Google blog )Worried about security of your website. Run it through skipfish and the site will be tested against a set of comprehensive set of tests for Server-side SQL injection, format string vulnerabilities and integer overflow vulnerabilities.

Google gives Flash some hope for the future (Googling Google)
Google announced that they are working with Adobe to integrate Flash player directly into Chrome. Apple refused to support Flash on the new iPads.

Gmail Becomes an App Platform: Google Adds OAuth to IMAP ( ReadWriteWeb)

You may or may not be excited by the acronyms OAuth and IMAP/SMTP, but the combination of them all together is very exciting news. Google Code Labs announced this afternoon that it has just enabled 3rd party developers to securely access the contents of your email without ever asking you for your password. If you're logged in to Gmail, you can give those apps permission with as little as one click.

This is exciting news for everyone who wants to customize and organize Gmail with applications like Syphir.

Google Escalates The Location War With Google Places (Tech Crunch)
Google renamed its Local Business Center Google Places and "it is introducing a whole bunch of new features including local search and map listings, real-time updates, custom QR codes and coupons, and even photo shoots for businesses". Local companies now can control how their information is displayed, including adding photos, menus and a lot more. Take a look.

Google Opens Tool Showing Government Requests For Data ( Search Engine Land)
Government Requests is the name of the latest product created by Google, which reveals to the public all government requests Google receives for data and content removal.

A New Approach to Printing (The Chromium Blog)
This is just a plan for now, but very interesting one. Google is working on an application called Google Cloud Print, "a service that enables any application (web, desktop, or mobile) on any device to print to any printer" if all the apps are using the cloud.

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