New: Oil Spills And Food Legislation Database, New Eat Well Guide, Overdrive Goes to Apple, Database For Credit Card Agreements

Let's continue our database news journey for May.

New Database: Oil Spills Since 2000 (U.S.) (Resourceshelf)
Information about oil spills is now becoming critical so I am sure a lot of librarians and information professionals will find the database: Oil spills since 2000 very useful.

Genealogy Database News: Adds 300 Million Names (Resourceshelf)

FamilySearch has established a temporary website, for the newly released names. In the next several weeks, the site will become a permanent part of

New Database for Food Legislation (ResearchBuzz)
The Yale University Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity has a new database of US legislation related to food policy and obesity where you can find data on legislation, bill updates, list of bills enacted into law, and more details about lobbying . Neat.

Searchable Database: The Eat Well Guide ( Resourceshelf)
The Eat Well Guide is a free online directory for anyone in search of fresh, locally grown and "sustainably produced food in the United States and Canada". Who doesn’t want to find healthy food?. Great
website for reference.

ebrary Announces New Pilot Program for Public Libraries with Free Access for Local Schools
It looks like schools libraies can get access to ebrary, an online vendor for ebooks. If you are interested read the press release and contact them.

Apple App Store Carries OverDrive Media Console ( e-Content)
It looks like Overdrive, a popular eBook vendor for public libraries is moving its app on every possible platform iPhone,iPad ( Apple), Android, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry.
In addition, e-Content blog announced that Dialog ( research database vendor) and RefWorks( research and collaboration tool) are now allowing their "shared customers to export Dialog and DataStar search results into RefWorks."

FDA and NIH Launch Electronic Safety Reporting Portal (medGadget)
The Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health together launched a new Electronic Safety Reporting Portal that will allow customers to report of "pre- and post-market safety data to the federal government." Medical librarians need to look at this post and find out more.

Federal Reserve announces online database for consumer credit card agreements (Resourceshelf)
If you have lost the agreement for your credit card, you don’t have to call your credit card company to get a new copy, just log on to the Consumer Credit Card Agreements database from Federal Reserve. The database will be updated quarterly.

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