Google Offers OCR in Google Docs, New Version of Froyo, Moves Encrypted Search,Highlights Local Businesses, Launches App for Android

Before we move on, we need to finish all the posts about Google in June and July.

New from Google and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office: Bulk Download Patents and Trademark Files ( Resourceshelf)
Google now sponsors free download of patent and trademark data.

Google releases new version of Froyo
(Googling Google)
The new version of Google's Android mobile operating system is out.

Google Moves Encrypted Search to New Domain
( ReadWriteWeb )
Encrypted Google moved from to

New from Google Scholar: Search Within Cited Articles (ResourceShelf )
Long requested change is now a reality

Google Now Highlights Local Businesses in Top Search Results (ReadWriteWeb)
Local businesses will definately have a reson now to visit Google more.

Google Launches App Inventor: DIY App Creation Tool for Android(ReadWriteWeb)
Want to build an app for Android without programing knowledge?

Optical character recognition (OCR) in Google Docs (Google Docs Blog)
Users can now upload "scanned images (JPEG, GIF, PNG) or PDFs, and Google Docs will extract text and formatting from the scans" for them to edit away.

Google Launches ‘Apps For Government’, With Servers On US Soil (TechCrunch)
Google Apps for Government is a new cloud version of Google’s suite with improved security. The suite includes: Google Docs, Gmail, Google Talk, Calendar, Google Sites, Groups, Google Video and Postini.

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