New: ZoomIt For Images, Mobile Apps For Disabled, LMS Alternatives, Dewey Browser, Driving App Detects Cars And TIME’s 50 Best Websites

Let's take a look in the past and take a look at the must read posts in August.

Microsoft Introduces Social Lightbox from Live Labs and Silverlight (ReadWriteWeb) converts and splits high resolution images for sharing.

Amazing Innovation: Mobile Apps for the Disabled (ReadWriteWeb)
Take a look at the few applications on the Android platform, available for the disabled.

7 Things You Should Know About LMS Alternatives(Educause)
Your organization may have started using LMS alternatives. Check this post to learn more.

Turn Your Home Computer Into a Music Server with Audiogalaxy (ReadWriteWeb)
If you want to turning your PC into a streaming music server and get access to your music on any other computer, even on iPhones and Android phones then, this post is for you.

Learn more about the Dewey Browser (OCLC News)
OCLC created a Dewey Browser. Give it a try. I am sure librarians will appreciate it more, since they are the experts on the library classification developed by Melvil Dewey.

4 Tools for Teaching Kids to Code ( ReadWriteWeb )
From Alice, to App Inventor to Scratch, there are a lot of apps that will teach your kids how to program.

Suffolk County, NY: Another Facebook Page Loaded with Library Tools and Resources (ResourceShelf)
Innovative Facebook pages are a must for libraries, so lets take a lok at the page of Suffolk County.

New Augmented Reality App Brings Luxury to Your Car for $2.99 ( ReadWriteWeb )
If you download imaGinyze's Augmented Driving app, and mount it on your car's window the app will detect the approaching car, including neighboring lanes and warn you.

TIME's 50 Best Websites 2010: Gowalla Picked over Foursquare? ( ReadWriteWeb)
Some of the sites like TED, Gowalla and Chegg are familiar, others you will need to explore.

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