Google Lets Businesses Respond And Launches Setup Guide for Them, Adds Walking Directions in Android And Google Voice Integrates Into Gmail

To be able to recap by the end of the year let’s see what happened With Google in August and September.

Google Now Lets Businesses Respond To Reviews On Places (Search Engine Land)
Business owners in Google can now respond to reviews.

Sign into multiple Google accounts at once (Googling Google)
From now on you can sign on into multiple Google accounts at once. Up to now you can currently be signed into only two separate accounts.

Google Launches Setup Guide for Small Businesses (ReadWriteWeb)
You own a business and you want your business to show up FREE on Google Places and Google Sites, please check the guide to see what needs to be done.

Google Voice Phone Booths To Start Popping Up In Airports, Universities (TechCrunch )
One of the many services Google is going to offer.

Google Voice Integrated Into Gmail. Make And Receive Calls From The Browser ( TechCrunch)
TechCrunch was able to get "an unlaunched version of Google Voice for the desktop, which let users make and receive calls via a soft phone on their computer".

Google Adds Breadcrumb Support To Rich Snippets & Improves Testing Tool (Search Engine Land)
Google is now offering snippet testing tool and a way for customers to determine how they want their breadcrumb URLs to appear.

Google Maps for Android Gets Turn-By-Turn Walking Directions, Satellite Imagery (ReadWriteWeb)
With the new "Walking Navigation" added to the newest version of Google Maps for Android , you can get turn-by-turn GPS navigation and walking directions.

Google Instant Expands, Adds Keyboard Navigation (Search Engine Land)
Google expanded Instant Search to include left navigation menu, including News, Videos, Blogs.

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