Google Integrates Visual Search In An iPhone App, Starts QR Code Generator, Google TV, Personalized Logos And Engine for Recommended Places

Happy New Year to all my readers! There are only a few more months to catch up with before we start covering the new 2011.

Let's see what Google came up with in the months of October and November of last year.

Google Integrates Visual Search Into Mobile App For iPhone (Search Engine Land)
With Google Goggles users can search for buildings, wine and what not with their mobile phone cameras instead of their keyboards.

Close-Up With Google’s New QR Code Generator ( Search Engine Land )
Google now allows you to shorten your URL and get a QR code for it.

A Google Logo For Your Birthday (Search Engine Land)
Want to get a special birthday logo from Google, then add your birthday to Google Profile and on your birthday visit

Life With Google TV: My First Day Review & Impressions (Search Engine Land)
This is a very detailed post about Google TV through Sony Internet TV, Sony Internet TV Blu-ray Player and Logitech Revue, don’t miss it.

Google Web Search Gets Social (ReadWriteWeb)
Google starts including recommendations from social networks (Twitter, MySpace, Facebook etc…) in the search results.

Google Launches Hotpot, A Recommendation Engine for Places (ReadWriteWeb)
Recommendations for good places by you and your friends are now rated in Google and you can search them under "Places".

Google's Newest Q&A Service: "baraza" (Google Blogoscoped)
Google launched a new Q ^& A service called Google Baraza in English and French.

Google Aims to Replace Credit Cards & More With the Addition of Near Field Communications to Android (ReadWriteWeb)
The new Near Field Communication technology (NFC)allows for "a number of applications including mobile ticketing, mobile payment, e-money, electronic keys, smart billboards and more" and Google intends to build it for the next version of Android, code-named Ginger Bread.

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