Google Launches: Delegation, Google eBooks, Moves Wave With Apache Foundation, Adds Reading Levels for Results And Kills Latitude Location

As always Google announced a few changes in December.

Google Wave Will Live On As Apache Wave( ReadWriteWeb)
Although Google announced that Google Waive is going away, the Apache Software Foundation decided to host Google Wave.

Google eBooks: The good, the bad, and the ugly (Googling Google)
Interested in reading various professional commentaries about the launching of Google eBooks, then this post is for you.

Google adds reading level (Phil Bradley's weblog)
Google adds the option to choose from different reading levels for your search results.

Gmail Gains Delegation Feature: Who Wants To Answer All My Email?(TechCrunch)
With the new "delegation" feature, you can ask a colleague, relative or a friend to send and receive emails on your behalf.

Google Quietly Kills Their Creepy Latitude Location Alerts Feature(TechCrunch)
"The experimental Location Alerts (beta) app was retired in December, 2010. Retiring features is always a tough decision, but part of building experimental features is picking the best ones on which to focus."

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