BiblioCommons Signs More Libraries, Delicious Alternatives, Merriam-Webster Is Voice Searchable, Skype With Multi-Person Video Calling

In December and January of last year there were a few posts that we need to closely examine.

Apple lists top iPhone, iPad apps of 2010 (TUAW)
If you think TETRIS is not a popular app, you need to check the list from TUAW blog.

Libraries in Kansas, Washington, & British Columbia Go Live With BiblioCommons (Resourceshelf)
Johnson County Library, Seattle Public Library and North Vancouver (BC) District Public Library are going with BiblioCommons, the popular social discovery layer.

10 Alternatives To Bookmarking (Search Engine Land)
If the future of Delicious is not very stable and you have all your bookmarks locked there, you can find out about alternatives and how to export your bookmarks from Delicious.

Suffolk County, NY: Another Facebook Page Loaded with Library Tools and Resource (Resourceshelf)
The site called is promoting on Facebook a search box for the catalog for all member libraries, access Flickr, YouTube and RSS feeds.

Voice Search Comes to the Dictionary: Merriam-Webster Releases iPhone/Pad/Touch App (Free) (Resourceshelf)
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary is now voice searchable from an iPhone/Touch App.

Recipe-Finder: The Easy Way to Search for Recipes (Daily Bits)
Looking for new recipes, try out Recipe-Finder.

Science: New Online: "World's Largest Plants Database Assembled (ResourceShelf)
"The Plant List, identifies 1.25 million names for plants, ranging from essential food crops such as wheat, rice and corn to garden roses and exotic jungle ferns, and provides links to published research."

Skype Now Offers Multi-Person Video Calling, But Windows Only & For a Fee(ReadWriteWeb)
For $ 5 a day you can participate in Skype multi-person video chat, provided you are using Windows.

Official Beta Launch: State Government Information From (ResourceShelf)
Since I missed this post about new database info from last week, now I have a chance to catch up.

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