Google Acquires eBook/eReader Company, Launches Algorithm To Fight Spam, Google Place Gets Its Own iPhone App And Uses Hotpot

Google announced a few changes in January of 2011.

Google Acquires eBook/eReader Technologies Company (ResourceShelf)
Google bought a company that "supplies a family of intelligent reading devices and licenses technologies that enable automated publishing and control over content distribution".

Google CEO Eric Schmidt Steps Down, Co-Founder Larry Page To Take Over ( ReadWriteWeb)
We don’t report executive management changes but when it comes to Google, we have to make an exception.

Google Voice Is About To Take Off: Number Porting Coming Soon For $20 (Tech Crunch)
Finally Google is allowing number porting for Google Voice.

Google Places Gets Its Own iPhone App(Search Engine Land)
Google Places is now accessible on the iPhone.

Google Places and Hotpot Come to iPhone, Google Maps (ReadWriteWeb)
It looks like the new Hotpot restaurant recommendation service us now available on Google Maps and iPhone.

Google launches algorithm change to tackle content copying. Will it help? (Googling Google)
Google is and will try to reduce the spam in search results in any way they can.

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