NetGalley Librarian’s E-book Secret, What Are Open-Ended Response Systems, Library Goes Live with Cloud Services, Tango: Best Video App

In December, January and February there were a lot of interesting posts from library tech blogs that I want to share with you.

Why NetGalley is the Best Kept e-book Secret on the Web (ALA TechSource Blog)
If you are a librarian, blogger, bookseller, educator, book reviewer or media professional you can register with NetGalley to read an advanced e-copies of new titles that publishers make available.

Ebooks and Libraries: A Stream of Concerns (Information Wants To Be Free)
Whenever Meredith Farkas explores an issue, I usually read very carefully and eBooks are a topic that no one can overlook anymore.

Are you a cynic or a builder? ( Tame The Web)
This post is definitely off our main topic of libraries and technology, but I couldn’t resist sharing.

Selected Findings From New Report: "The Survey of Library Database Licensing Practices (ResourceShelf)
This post is primarily for librarians and manager who oversee database licensing.

Latest "7 Things" Examines Open-Ended Response System(The Kept-Up Academic Librarian)
“An open-ended student response system is an electronic service or application that lets students enter text responses during a lecture or class discussion” like Google Moderator, Poll Everywhere, IdeaScale and ResponseWare

First public library goes live with OCLC's Web-scale Management Services (Library Technology Guides)
Quite a few libraries ( Spring Hill College Library; High Point University) announced plans to implement cloud based catalog ILS from OCLC (OCLC Web-scale Management Services).

Video from LITA Forum 2010: Roy Tennant on "Using the Cloud to Please the Crowd (ResourceShelf)
Cloud services (computer services without servers)is an option for rural libraries ( see previous post), so I wouldn’t miss this post from LITA ( Library Information and Technology Association).

Tango Takes Face-To-Face Video Calling Beyond The iPhone With 8 Million Downloads(TechCrunch)
Tango, one of the most popular video apps on iPhone lets you make video calls on your iPhone and on Android phone and experts claim it works fine with 3G networks too.

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