Credo Reference Starts Libraries Thriving,ebrary With New Pay As You Go Model,EBSCO Adds World Book Content,McGraw-Hill Allows Customization

In April as expected there were quite a few changes regarding databases.

Credo Reference Announces the Launch of Libraries Thriving (EContent)
Credo Reference is starting a new online community called Libraries Thriving helping libraries to communicating the value of library services, something I think other vendors should do also.

ebrary and YBP Library Services Announce Integrated Demand Driven Acquisition and Short Term Loans(EContent)
ebrary, a provider of e-books and YBP Library Services launched an demand driven acquisition model for short term loans, which allows libraries to pay only for e-books that are used.

EBSCO Discovery Service Adds World Book Content (EContent)
12 popular reference tools from World Book were added into EBSCO Discovery Service.

McGraw-Hill Create: Customized eBooks for the Classroom (ResourceShelf)
A platform created by McGraw-Hill Create permits instructors to easily "customize digital content for their courses"

Ex Libris Adds ABC-CLIO Content to Primo Central Index(EContent)
Ex Libris Group is adding content from ABC-CLIO to its scholarly resources at Primo Central Index.

ProQuest Receives Patent for Deep Indexing(EContent)
ProQuest's CSA Illustrata with Deep Indexing (extracts and indexes of graphic objects that can be searched as full text) is now under patent.

Selected Findings From New Report: "The Survey of Library Database Licensing Practices"( Resourceshelf)
This post is for digital librarians who manage access to electronic journals.

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