Build Video Chat With OpenTok, Kindle Is Coming to Libraries, Microsoft Writes New Language for Geo-Linked Data, What Are Learning Commons

There is no good excuse for disappearing for more than a month from the blogging scene and I am not looking for one. From now on I will make sure that blog posts are updated regularly on my site. As usual, below please see the most interesting posts in March and April.

Build Video Chat Into Your Mobile Apps with OpenTok(ReadWriteWeb)
Not every librarian, will have to build a video chat into a mobile app, but this post can certainly give you some ideas.

7 Things You Should Know About the Modern Learning Commons (American Libraries Perpetual Beta)
learning Commons is " a place where students can meet, talk, study, and use “borrowed” equipment, the learning commons brings together the functions of libraries, labs, lounges, and seminar areas in a single community gathering place.

Bing’s Read/Write World: An Ambitious Project To Bridge Maps With Movies, Photos, Local Data & More (Search Engine Land)
Microsoft created a new “Reality Markup Language” (RML) to index and connect all of the world’s “geo-linked media like maps, photos, panoramas, movies, business listings in a project called Read/Write World.

Amazon to Launch Library Lending for Kindle Books (ReadWriteWeb)
Finally Amazon decided to pay attention to public libraries, which probably means that the Overdrive customers from public libraries will be able to use Kindles to borrow books.

Continuing the Conversation: Gadgets in the Library ( ALA TechSource Blog)
Anyone into gadgets will surely appreciate these two blog posts and from ALA TechSource Blog, which highlight interesting gadgets, development and apps.

Facebook for Libraries – Best Practices…04.20.11 ( American Libraries Perpetual Beta)
If you are in charge of social media in your library, you might want to check the presentation by Many Boyle.

Reaching Library Users With Mobile Technology…04.20.11 (American Libraries Perpetual Beta)
Another interesting social media presentation by Michael Casey.

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