What Are Open-Ended Response Systems, Push Pop Press Creates Apps for iPad or iPhone,3M Will Work With Libraries on Ebooks Delivery Platform

In May there were a quite a few posts that definitely need to be highlighted.

Latest "7 Things" Examines Open-Ended Response Systems (The Kept-Up Academic Librarian )
"An open-ended student response system is an electronic service or application that lets students enter text responses during a lecture or class discussion. Open-ended systems like (Google Moderator, Poll Everywhere,IdeaScale, and ResponseWare ), give faculty the option of collecting such free-form contributions from students, in addition to asking the true/false or multiple-choice questions that conventional clicker systems allow"

Push Up Press – Blowing Up the eBook…(American Libraries Perpetual Beta)
Push Pop Press, a publishing platform, promises to turn content into iPad or iPhone apps with no programming skills required.

4 Best Project Management Apps for the iPad ( ReadWriteWeb)
Libraries always run different projects and some even hire project managers, so I am sure that knowledge about the most popular Project Management Apps for the iPad platform is going to interest a lot of readers.

INFOdocket (Phil Bradley's weblog)
Phil Bradley is introducing Gary's Price and Shirl Kennedy's new blog called INFOdocket, which in my opinion doesn't even need the introduction, since I predict a lot of info professionals will subscribe to INFOdocekt, the same way we all did with Resourceshelf.

5 Document Collaboration Tools for the iPad (ReadWriteWeb )
iPad is going into more and more offices, so collaboration tools at work always come handy.

Ice Cream Sandwich Merges Phone and Tablet Versions of Android (ReadWriteWeb)
For anyone with an Android smartphone or Android tablet, this must be good news.

Moving Beyond Plastic, Visa Announces Digital Wallet Launch (ReadWriteWeb)
This is a chance for us to see how we will be using our phones and tablets to pay without filling in any online forms.

3M : Cloud Library eBook Lending Service to Launch at ALA Annual Conference (American Libraries Perpetual Beta )
"This eBook solution includes a comprehensive subscription for both digital content and in-library hardware, along with apps for borrowing and reading, providing libraries with a simple and turnkey system for participating in the digital revolution.". For the first time a vendor is willing to work with libraries about ebooks and promising to provide an ereader for lending, apps and subscription website.

Overview of Open Source Invenio Digital Library Software ( American Libraries Perpetual Bet)
Very impressive features for the open source Invenio Digital Library software, a good match for any library looking into digitizing their collection.

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