Google Real Time Search With More Sources, Google Announces Local Business Photos, Launches New Google Advisor And Me on the Web

Google engineers were very productive in May and June and they announced a lot of projects that we need to take a look at.

Google Real Time Search Adds More Sources: Quora, Gowalla & More (Search Engine Land)
Google's Real Time Search now includes data from rom ( Q&A), Gowolla (sharing place experience), Plixi(sharing pictures) and others.

Google Announces Local “Business Photos" ( Search Engine Land)
Google is offering a Google sponsored photographer to visit and take photos of you business in Orange County, San Francisco Bay Area, St. Petersburg, Florida, San Antonio, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona.

Google-Backed Corduro Promises Even Lower Mobile Payment Fees Than Square (TechCrunch)
Corduro a Google backed mobile payment services is offering lower fees for payments on mobile devices.

Google to Rent $20/Month Laptops ( ReadWriteWeb)
For now students only will be able to enjoy $20 a month rented laptops with the new Google OS.

Google Goes Big For Financial Comparison Shopping, Launches “Google Advisor” (Search Engine Land)
Google is now offering "Google Advisor,” a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for checking and saving accounts, CDs, mortgages and credit cards.

Google Book Search Adds Contextual Search, Define & Translate (Search Engine Land)
Using the new Google eBooks Web Reader in Google eBooks, users can search, define and translate words.

Google Shuts Down Ambitious Newspaper Scanning Project (Search Engine Land)
Google decided to end the Newspaper Digitization Project to focus on " Google One Pass"," a platform that enables publishers to sell content and subscriptions directly from their own sites.”

Google Map Maker Now Open To US Users (Search Engine Land)
Google Map Maker now available in the US, allows avid cartographers to update or correct Google Maps via a their browser.

Google Adds Flight Info to Search Results (Search Engine Watch)
Flight Information is now part if Google search results.

Google Correlate: A New Way To Research Keyword Popularity & Trends(Search Engine Land)
Google Correlate is a new tool that "finds search patterns which correspond with real-world trends."

Google Makes It Easier to Use "Related Search"(ReadWriteWeb)
"If you perform a search on a particular category, Google will display some of the most popular and referenced items within that category. It will also include the three top sources of this information.

Google Launches "Me on the Web" to Help You Manage Your Online Identity (ReadWriteWeb )
If you wants to remove unwanted content from Google search results and better manage your online identity, try the new Google product called "Me on the Web".

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