Google Starts Google Plus, Page Speed Service Offers News Badges, Closes Google Directory and Labs And Integrates Editor’s Picks in News

Google started quite a few major initiatives in July and August if this year.

Google Plus: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (Search engine Land)
A detailed review of Google's new social media initiative by one of the most respected blogs on search engines.

Visual Guide to Circles in Google Plus (by lonewolflibrarian)
Want to now how to set up Google Plus and your own circles, then take a look at the visual guide.

Google News badges turning the news into a game (Googling Google)
"Google News is now offering users in the U.S. the ability to earn shareable badges for voraciously reading news and articles on topics ranging from politics to Harry Potter."

Google Streamlining: Say Goodbye to the Google Directory and Labs!(Pandia Search Engine News)
Google is now closing Google Directory and Google Labs.

Google Search Now Optimized For Tablets(TechCrunch)
Google cannot afford to disregard the ever more popular tablets, so optimization of Google search for tablets was an expected move.

Google Launches Web Hosting Disguised As Page Speed Service(Search Engine Watch)
experts at Search Engine Land discovered that the new Page Speed Service actually "supersedes your Web server" and requires you to point your DNS to Google, which means that visitors to your website actually are on Google's servers instead.

Google’s Two-Factor Authentication Now Live In 150 Countries And 40 Languages ( TechCrunch)
Haven't had the time to set up two-step authentication but I should because , logging on my Google account will be more secure and possible only with my "regular" password and a second password that’s only available via my phone, which is difficult to crack.

Google News Brings Editor’s Picks To Home Page (Search Engine Land)
Editor’s Picks are now integrated on Google News, so if you want to become and editor and join the Google’s Editor’s Picks Program, go ahead and read the post.

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