5G Wireless Is Coming, Create Subject Guides With Social Media Tools,Viewshare.org Puts Collections Online, Bing Starts ” Action” Buttons

Exciting posts were published in September, October and November.

5G Wireless Technology Soon to Come (Daily Bits)
5G is around the corner, researchers from Rice University found a way to boost the signal with an antenna using full-duplex (data or voice communication happens at the same time).

Subject Guides Born Again with Social Media Tools (ALA TechSource Blog)
Creating online subject guides is part of the duties for some librarians, so I wouldn’t skip this post.

Becoming Zen in the face of criticism ( Information Wants To Be Free)
How often you have found yourself arguing about an idea and feeling frustrated that your colleagues don't understand you, take a look at Meredith's post on how to approach criticism.

Everything You Need to Know About Windows 8 in 8 Minutes…09.17.11(The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian's Weblog)
Short and concise presentation about Windows 8, Task Manager, the new Control Panel and more.

Bing “Action Buttons” Lets You Book Flights, Rent Cars & More (Search Engine Land:)
Bing announced a new feature in the search results named “Action Buttons.” Action buttons give you quick links to perform specific actions on specific web sites. I

Library of Congress Launches Viewshare.org ( ResourceShelf)
A new site Viewshare.org, from Library of Congress allows users to easily share their digital collections online.

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