Google Closes 10 Projects, Lets You Block Websites, Builds Tools to Increase Voter Participation And Starts Music Service Google Music

Google developed new services in September, October and November of last year.

Google Voice Added to Archive Service (Resourceshelf)

"Google Voice is the newest addition to Google Takeout, the search giant's data archival tool that lets users download their data from many Google services, including Buzz, Picasa, and Google+."

Google Kills 10 More Projects, Including Aardvar (Search Engine Watch)
Google discontinued Google Desktop, Aardvar, Fast Flip, Google Maps API for Flash, Google Pack, Google Web Security, Image Labeler, Notebook and Sidewiki

Google Bringing Back Offline Access to Gmail, Docs and Calendar (ReadWriteWeb)
Google is offering offline access for Gmail and will develop access for Google Docs, and Google Calendar.

Google Lets You Block Websites From Anywhere (SearchEngineWatch)
Not happy with a website, block it from search results in Google

Google Launches Wallet, Impact Still Limited (Search Engine Watch)
For now Google Wallet works with one phone and credit card but services will be expanded.

Google to Build Tools to Increase Voter Participation ( ReadWriteWeb)
Google announced the launch of the company's new Google Politics and Elections Team Blog to cover the search engine company increasing voter engagement.

Google Takes On iTunes, Amazon With New Music Store ( Search Engine Land )
Google started their long anticipated music service called Google Music, where users can upload their music( up to 20,000 songs) and then stream those songs to their computers and Android devices.

Google Chrome Will Sync Multiple Browser Profiles ( ReadWriteWeb)
With the new feature customers can use multiple Chrome accounts when they log into Chrome and all of them will be synced.

Google Launches Native Gmail App For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Faces Instant Backlash (TechCrunch)
Google is launching a new Gmail app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with push notifications, search, autocomplete, support for attachments, priority inbox access and labels.

Google Launches Job Search Engine for Veterans (Search Engine Watch)
One more initiative for supporting US veterans.

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