Fring With Mobile Video Chat, YouTube Adds Video Editing And 3D Conversion, Sending Large Files, 7 Things To Know: Service Design, WordPress

A lot of interesting posts were written in blogs in September, October and November.

7 Things You Should Know About WordPress (The Kept-Up Academic Librarian)
An interesting overview of how the blogging and content management features of WordPress can be installed on public networks and used in libraries and colleges.

Fring Launches Mobile Video Playgrounds, Google's Hangouts Still Confined to Your Desk (ReadWriteWeb)
Fring has started an open four-way group video chat for iOS and Android mobile devices.

5 Travel Apps That You MUST Get (Daily Bits)
Most of the apps are quite popular but the Travel Language Guides by and Tourcaster (offers tours guides) are intriguing.

YouTube Adds Video Editing, Lets You Make Quick Fixes to Videos (Search Engine Watch)
I am sure a lot of You Tube customers will start using the basis video editing options.

YouTube Now Converting 2D Videos To 3D, Removes 15 Minute Limit For Verified Users (TechCrunch)
Not sure how many will use the 2D to 3D conversion but it helps to know that it is available as an option.

Indiana University Professor Introduces Educational Social Network (EContent)
"Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis computer scientist Ali Jafari introduced a classroom-oriented social network called CourseNetworking (CN). A free online platform, CN combines social with the functionality of a learning management system (LMS) to connect teachers and students worldwide"

How to Send Large Files, But Not as Attachments ( ReadWriteWeb)
Who hasn't had to send big files over the network at work with no success. This is where services like DropSend, SendThisFile and ZipSend come very handy.

Florida Library Makes eBooks Available at International Airport (ResourceShelf)
Travelers at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport can now scan a QR code and access old public domain titles ( 34,000) via the library’s OverDrive platform.

7 Things You Should Know About Service Design (The Kept-Up Academic Librarian)
"For any service—such as library, billing, IT help desk, admissions, career services, course registration—it makes sense to ask, “What would make the service more effective for those who use it?” This is the question at the heart of service design, a process that examines the relationship between those who use a service and the service environment"

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